Volunteer work

Volunteer work in Nepal

Volunteer work is a wonderful way to get an impression of daily life in Nepal. We carefully prepare volunteer work here locally so that volunteer activities result in mutual pleasure and satisfaction!

Types of volunteer work

For women

Women in Nepal traditionally have fewer opportunities for developent than men. Oppression of women is still very common. Volunteer work for Nepali women focuses on practical knowledge and skills. This way they can gradually reduce the lag in their development and attain more equality. Think of:

  • Teaching how to read and write
  • Giving English lessons
  • Teaching textile skills such as sewing and felt work
  • Explaining about personal care and health
  • Being a tutor for mothers with growing children*

*Women who are illiterate often have trouble guiding their children who are learning how to read and write. That can lead to a huge - but unnecessary - divide between mothers and children. 'Tutor hosting' is a special form of volunteer work. By participating in the life of a mother in a farming family, a tutor can help bridge the gap between mothers and children.

For children

Many children in Nepal have to make do without any form of education. Our volunteer projects work in schools where children from poor families are taught. In addition to learning how to read and write in Nepali, the children also receive education in various subjects such as English, math, physics and drawing.
Volunteers can help during the lessons, and also do other things such as maintenance work on the school building.

Volunteer projects

  • Primary schools in Kathmandu
  • The Deaf School in Dhading
  • The Women's School in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu Valley Health Station and out in the countryside
  • Sahara Orphanage in Kathmandu
  • Local hospital in the countryside

Volunteer work upon request  

So many people, so many skills and qualities. Do you have an idea for volunteer work that you'd like to use certain knowledge or skills for? We're always interested in new opportunities. This can also be tailor-made.

Group tours with volunteer work

The volunteer work for these programmed group tours is done by our permanent partners in the Netherlands. We take care of all the local aspects of these two trips.

Group Tour 25+  Namaste Nepal

Three-week group tour. See much of Nepal and participate in group volunteer work. Read more: Group Tour 25+

Group Tour 50+ Among the locals

Gain unique impressions, participate various forms of volunteer work and stay in comfortable accommodations. Learn more: Group Tour 50+

Feel free

Feel free to contact us with all of your questions or ideas regarding volunteer work in Nepal.

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