Sustainable travel – travel with added value

Sustainable tourism is more than a marketing gimmick. When you choose Pure Nepal you choose a sustainable vacation. Pure Nepal has been working on creating sustainability from the very beginning. Pure Nepal is always looking for opportunities to combine sustainability with fantastic travel experiences for our guests. That’s how Pure Nepal offers travel with added value.

Sustainability in Nepal

Pure Nepal follows two lines for sustainability in Nepal:
• Development opportunities for the local people with respect for traditions and culture. “What people from the East and West can do for each other.”
• Attention to the surroundings, nature and the environment. “The mountains and the valleys need to remain as beautiful as they are.”

Sustainability for you

Traveling with Pure Nepal means you’re choosing sustainable tourism. You’re opting for a small-scale and authentic experience, warm hospitality, and awareness of the surroundings and amenities. Foregoing western luxury is an option in exchange for an unforgettable encounter with the country and its people. You’re choosing an adventurous vacation; perhaps the trip of your life! Pure Nepal will put together the ideal itinerary with you.

How does sustainability fit in to Pure Nepal?

People and culture
Nature and environment
Development opportunities

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