Sustainability: people and culture

A meeting of cultures

Nepal is home to a diverse population, from Indo-Nepali and Indian descent, to ancient Nepali peoples in the more isolated regions. Many Nepali regions and villages can only be accessed by foot. Contact with Western visitors and cultures has started in past decades, but this is certainly not the case everywhere.

Villages where ancient history lives on

Pure Nepal knows people, circumstances and practices. Pure Nepal can introduce you to the authentic ways of life in small villages where you will come in contact with ancient history that lives on today.

  • Pure Nepal only organizes small-scale visits from Western guests
  • Pure Nepal prepares the locations for these visits
  • Pure Nepal introduces you to customs and traditions

These preparations allow Nepali host families and their visitors the opportunity to get to know one another and their different habits in a respectful way.

You can often take part!

The Nepali religions, cultures and traditions are numerous. There is something to celebrate almost every day! The tolerance for other religions is high in Nepal. Even as a Western visitor you can often be part of the celebrations and rituals. This can either be done by simply observing or actually participating! Of course there are certain rituals and temples that are reserved only for the religious. Pure Nepal can give you tips on the do’s and don’ts in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Knowledge and understanding

More knowledge and understanding of cultures and traditions offers you an even richer experience as a visitor. Additionally, knowledge and understanding are ways to protect Nepali cultures and traditions. That’s why Pure Nepal provides its guests with the book, Nepali Customs and Manners.
Are you interested in Nepali culture and religions? Pure Nepal will gladly provide you with local information and a guide to travel with you.

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