About us: Diyo Nepal Foundation

Diyo Nepal Foundation for sustainable small-scale development

The Diyo Nepal Foundation is a volunteer organization which was founded by Ilse Bennink in the Netherlands in 2007. Diyo Nepal works to improve the Dhading District of Nepal.

Behind colorful saris and jingling bracelets...

Ilse Bennink has been living in Kathmandu since 2007. “I have great admiration and respect for the Nepali people I’ve met. Great poverty hides behind the colorful saris, the jingling bracelets and the traditional hats the men wear. I felt like I could do something for them, no matter how small that something might be. That was the beginning of the Diyo Nepal Foundation.”

I don’t wish anyone to grow up like this…

Shiva Sapkota took the initiative to go to school as a child. About his childhood he says: “I don’t wish anyone to have to grow up in the conditions that we experienced as children.” Shiva learned that it’s the little things that can be the beginning of major changes to someone’s life. “As a Hindu, I believe that karma wants me to open my eyes and help others. With just a little support, someone can accomplish a lot. Diyo Nepal gives that support to the people in our area of activity.”

Communication and cooperation make the difference

Support is the first condition for success. Shiva and Ilse Sapkota pay close attention to the communication with the people they work for and with the local governments. Additionally, they work closely with local schools and hospitals. The projects in the Dhading District are conducted by Ilse and Shiva on a volunteer basis. They do this with many local volunteers, including doctors and other professionals.

Activities and events in the Netherlands

The Diyo Nepal Foundation organizes activities and events in the Netherlands. The proceeds from these activities are used to make small-scale and sustainable development projects in Nepal possible. Thanks to donations, sponsors and collaboration, the Diyo Nepal Foundation has been able to mean a lot to many people in Nepal.

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